There are many frustrations when need to take your child to the doctor. Often frustration and stress occur when you need to make an appointment with his or her physician. When you make an appointment, the availability is usually limited, and you must go to the office. If you opt to go to the emergency room the typical wait time can be hours. Telemedicine has completely changed the way parents are getting medical care for their children which holds many advantages.

The first benefit of telemedicine is the speed of service. When your child is ill or injured waiting can be a nightmare, especially if you are overly concerned about their medical condition. To get started with telemedicine you will have to have an internet connection. You can make an appointment directly from your smartphone. Once your date is set, you will have a webcam doctor appointment to assess the problem. The whole process goes faster than any other way to visit a doctor.


The cost of visiting a physician can range depending on what the problem is. However, using telemedicine is an excellent way to get excellent medical service at a reasonable cost. A pediatrician hotline can cost several hundreds of dollars less than visiting the emergency room, and most people enjoy the fact they aren’t going to receive a massive bill afterward. All the costs are per service, so you know exactly what the bill will be.

One reason to choose an Urgent Care for Kids with Telemedicine is not having to go to the doctor’s office. While we like to think that the doctor’s office is a place of healing it is also filled with germs. Think about the last time you went in for an appointment. Where are sick kids running around, touching almost everything? More than likely yes, and that ultimately usual. But when you choose telemedicine you don’t have to go in and put yourself and your kids at risk for getting a different illness.


The thought here is if you need to be seen for a cold you could walk out with a stomach bug. Having an in-home appointment takes all those concerns away. Adults and children can wait for their appointment at home and not have to go into the office. The doctor can evaluate over the webcam, and take care of any prescription needs over the phone to your pharmacy.

Telemedicine offers so many advantages over the traditional ways to see a doctor and can be used for everyday illnesses and allergies. Consider an Urgent Care facility the next time your child is sick and needs to see a doctor, and you’ll be surprised by the speed of service.

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